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" Dr.Siu has been nothing but outstanding in helping me recover from my car accident. Her passion and care are shown every day. Never have I been unsatisfied with the services provided at York-Med Physiotherapy and would recommend for anyone who is looking for trouble free rehab with personal catered treatment. 10/10! "
- Michael A. -

" I'm lucky to found York Medical Physiotherapy & Wellness Center. I had radiative pain over my shoulder and elbow. After getting a few session treatment , I feel much better. I believe they are very knowledgeable, expert in manual therapy and very friendly too.I fully recommend York Med physiotherapy center for anybody who has musculoskeletal problem. Thanks. "

- Kamran A -

" York-Med Physio did an excellent job in helping me recover the use of my left arm and shoulder after a serious injury to the infraspinattus tendon.  When I showed up for my first session I had practically no strength nor any range of movement of my left arm/shoulder.  They quickly assessed my condition and proved to be very very knowledgeable and provided personal supervision of my therapy over the following 5 months. I was very pleased to have most of the strength and range of movement back in my left arm/shoulder ...  I certainly could not have hoped to have recovered so well at the outset.  I truly believe my recovery was due to their technical expertise and personal care. "
- Claude. H -

" They are a very professional team and really are taking care of each one. I feel very blessed for their attention on my concussion recuperation. I MUST RECOMMEND THE YORK MED PHYSIOTHERAPY & WELLNESS CENTRE to every one.Completamente satisfecho. excelente servicio y profesionalismo. 100% garantizado. AAA. "

- Nestor C -

" I am very much satisfied with my progress. All members of the team are very friendly and eager to make me feel better sooner. My visits to the Centre have become a social outing for me, while at the same time I get the best treatment for my problem. I would recommend the Centre to anyone who is seeking reliable and dependable treatment. "

- Eva L -

" I consider myself very fortunate for the chance I had to be a patient of York Med Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre & would like to thank all the team for their dedication & honest help.This is one of a kind place due to the team work, help, special attention, hospitality.  The help I have received extended my own expectations & I have shared it with all my friends & family Dr. I definitely will recommend the York Med Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre to everyone that wishes to have a great experience & completely heal. "
- Nadia S -

" What a great experience at York Med Physiotherapy& Wellness Centre. The staff are all very welcoming and inviting. I am thrilled to say I had a speedy recovery with the help of the staff. Would definitely recommend York Med Physiotherapy& Wellness Centre to everyone! "
- Ashley T-

" Very friendly environment with skilled professionals makes my drive to get to York-med worth every minute. The knowledge base and professionalism is second to none. I am very happy I found them. "

- Sebastian M -

" I have been seeing Dr. Katherine Siu for several years because of four rear enders (whiplashes) and a serious car accident. On a regular basis, she has performed joint mobilization and acupuncture and has helped me to live a pain-free life. I have also seen other health provider to improve my Range of Motion exercises and muscle strengthening, and it has greatly reduced the pain from my injuries. I am glad York Med is in my neighbourhood and that it is easy to make an appointment. I recommend it to everyone I know who has joint or muscle pain."

- Frann Harris -

" Having had multiple issues over the past year with my feet and shoulder; I was extremely pleased with the service I received from York Med Physio. They used a mixture strengthening exercises, cupping, and acupuncture to help with speedy healing. I highly recommend  the entire team at York Med Physiotherapy to help you feel better! "
- Sherri Kh -

 York-Med Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre are truly amazing! . I appreciate all your help and support. It was a great healing experience which I will never forget. I would definitely recommend York-Med Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre to everyone who wishes to experience this special kind of healing. "

- Monica E -

" Zero Complaints! I’ve been visiting York-Med Physio on a regular basis for almost a year. I have received physiotherapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care at this clinic and have attained positive results from all three. Their entire staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. My first appointment was due to a very painful spasm in my lower back. I was in so much pain that I could barely sit or stand in their waiting room, but after only one appointment I began to feel a lot better. I found each subsequent appointment at York Med to be a pleasurable experience. Not only was my condition improving but I greatly enjoyed the warm and welcoming atmosphere. Tatiana’s cheerful and friendly nature makes every client feel like they are part of the family. I am currently in the care of Dr. Siu, a very talented and competent chiropractor who has created a custom exercise program for me to do at home in order to support and sustain the clinical treatments.  Dr. Siu have stressed the importance of regular exercise and stretching to help prevent my pain from reoccurring and I have found their advice to be undeniably accurate. If I neglect to do my exercises, I feel the pain begin to resurface but as soon as I begin to stretch, I feel a lot better. My appointments with Katherine (Dr. Siu) are like visiting with a friend. I’m so distracted by our interesting conversations that I forget I am exercising at all. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone in need of physio/chiropractic care. "

- Teresa R. -

York Med Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre
250 Harding Blvd W. - Suite 310
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9M7

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